Marc has enjoyed winning numerous awards for his work as cinematographer and editor during his 38-year career. After attending Columbia College in Chicago during the early 70’s he held staff positions in Chicago and New York. Since returning from New York in 1975, Marc had free-lanced from Chicago. He now lives and works from the Los Angeles area.

Marc’s philosophical approach to filmmaking is captured in this statement by Russian filmmaker VI Pudovkin “To show something as everyone sees it is to have accomplished nothing.” Marc strives to capture images and construct stories that take the viewer where he cannot go. Herein lies the power of the art of the camera.

Throughout the years Marc’s work has been diverse in project scope and subject matter and although his main focus has been cinematography, his still cameras are always at his side.

Cathy has had the benefit of learning the principles of photography from Marc from the day they met some 33 plus years ago. This, combined with a natural love for composition and capturing images on film have helped her develop (no pun intended) into a pretty decent photographer in her own right. Cathy’s very special skills are – organization, research and software familiarity. If you want to find something out – just ask Cathy and she’ll go to it. Want to get those pictures organized or figure out how to take hundreds of pictures and get them rounded up into some kind of a slide show? Cathy has a process or two.

Between the two of us, we have LOTS of experience with the joy of pictures! We love to learn and we love to share what we learn – and we want to help.

Misty – well, she likes to pose – and get treats! (She’s a great mascot, too)!

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